PCNS Passive Components Symposium Days Call for Papers

source: EPCI news

Feb 12th 2017 Lanskroun, Czech Republic. European Passive Components Institute EPCI is pleased to announce Call for Papers for the 1st PCNS Passive Component Networking Days symposium jointly organised together with Technical University of Brno on Sep 12-15th in Brno, Czech Republic.

Passive Components represent more than 80% of the EEE parts used on PCB. Therefore, they become one of key elements of electronic hardware design.
The PCNS Passive Components Networking Days international Symposium is the European technical conference purely dedicated to Passive Components. It is an exceptional venue to learn more about the latest advances in this field and meet recognized experts from the industry, academia and agencies/organisations.

Aim of the PCNS networking symposium is to promote the discussion of recent developments and trends and to encourage the exchange of technical
expertise and information covering a broad range of EEE passive components.

The PCNS proceeding will be ISBN listed to validate the published papers. The presented papers will be also recommended to impacted magazines for publications in order to solicit more active presence of universities.

“With current absence of a sole passive components international symposium for wider industry – the PCNS may become a good opportunity to meet within the whole industry chain. The last successful ESA SPCD Space Passive Conference Days bi or tri-annual symposium held in October 16 at ESTEC, The Netherlands, attended by more then 200 participants, showed how important it is still today to meet face to face with the industry professionals. The PCNS focused more to wider industry and academia may be a good complementary point of the passive industry networking to the ESA SPCD to discuss hot topics”, said Tomas Zednicek, EPCI president and head of the PCNS organising committee.

PCNS aim is also to involve more universities to get new contacts and info on what topics they are working on, thus the proceedings will be hard-printed, ISBN registered and the selected papers will be recommended for publishing at impacted magazines.

“Passive components are often considered as the “simple, not so important” part of the board by end electronic device HW engineers, thus they are not usually open to spend three days purely on passive components symposiums, and hardly get motivation and approval to attend such venue. EPCI is planning to share the PCNS papers by its e-Symposium on-line platform (under development) after the Symposium to offer a custom made proceeding upon scope of interest. We would like to use this tool as a pilot proof that this is the way to get valued technical information from passive manufacturers to their end customers.” add Zednicek

The PCNS is open for wide range of passive components from capacitors, resistors, inductors to RF passives, cables and connectors in wide range of applications. The topics are including all important areas such as high reliability, new technologies, simulation & modelling etc. Call for Paper flyer is available at the PCNS web site below or directly or at the link here. The paper abstract submission is open online at the conference website from now till 2nd April 2017 deadline.

More info is available at the conference web page: www.passive-components.eu/pcns 

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