Plesseys and Morganite Resistors on South Tyneside in the 1960s and ’70s

source: Shields gazette article

The world of work has changed beyond all recognition since many of these photographs were taken on South Tyneside in the 1960s and ’70s.

Small, affordable computers and today’s new technologies, including mobile phones, were, for the most part, the stuff of science fiction.

Morganite resistors factory sweepers pictured in February 1971.

 Social media was, of course, still a long way off at a time when most people went to work in large factories or yards, employing hundreds if not thousands of men and women.
 Here, we can see the scene at Plesseys and Morganite Resistors, where large numbers of women were employed. Were you one of them?
 Some would say conditions have changed for the better, what do you think? The days of a job for life have long gone, should we mourn the passing of those days?

Morganite resistors – control panel of a switch tester in the Electrical Lab pictured in September 1963.

The training section at Plessey’s new telecommunications factory in South Shields.

featured image: A section of floor of the potentiometer department at Morganite Resistors in 1963. 

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