Stackpole Releases 100% Lead Free Thick Film Chip Resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announced the release of the RMEF series of thick film chip resistors that are completely RoHS compliant without exemption.

Applications for thick film resistors which are 100% lead free without exemption continue to expand. Finding resistors for those applications can be challenging since there are few options currently available.

The RMEF is a general purpose resistor series offering resistance values from 1 ohm to 10M, in 1% and 5% tolerances and TCR’s ranging from 100 ppm to 400 ppm depending on size and resistance value. The RMEF is an ideal substitute for electronics that must transition to fully lead free components for compliance as it provides all the performance, resistance values, power and voltage ratings of a general purpose chip resistor, in a completely lead free package.


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