Stackpole’s Aluminum-Housed Wirewound Resistors Offer High Power In Small Sizes

source: Stackpole news

Aug 08, 2017 The KAL Series from Stackpole is a wirewound resistor technology utilizing a large ceramic core molded into an aluminum housing to facilitate heat transfer. The relatively small size to power ratio allows the KAL Series to be used in conjunction with an external heat sink or other metal structure to aid in heat removal.

The KAL Series can be tailored to many different types of requirements such as low inductance, non-inductively wound, high surge, high voltage, and fusibility in addition to different types of terminations such as tabs, flying leads, and crimped connectors. This performance and versatility makes the KAL Series a popular choice for welding equipment, industrial controls, motor controls and drives, power supplies and power inverters, medical equipment, load dump resistors, laser controls, power line filters, and audio applications.

The KAL Series is available in 10W to 250W sizes, with tolerances as low as 0.1% and resistances from 0.05 ohms to 150 Kohms. Pricing depends on size, tolerance, resistance and order volume, but typically ranges from $0.91 each for the KAL 10 5% to $16.25 each for the KAL 250 5%.

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