TANIOBIS to Build New Tantalum Powder Plant in Thailand

TANIOBIS announced its plans to invest into new facility to increase tantalum powder production in Thailand. The material will be used in electronic devices including tantalum capacitors and semiconductors.

TANIOBIS GmbH an affiliate of JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation will invest a total of €28 million to augment facilities for the manufacture of functional tantalum powder (“the Product”) at its Map Ta Phut plant in Thailand and significantly increase its production capacity for the Product. Following planning, construction, and initial start-up, the facilities are scheduled to progressively start operating at around 2025.

The Product manufactured by TANIOBIS is a material used in electronic devices including capacitors and semiconductors. Demand for this material is steadily growing due to expanding demand for mobile devices and telecommunications infrastructure as new workstyles such as telework become more common. TANIOBIS is currently promoting its Customer First Project, a customer-focused business model that integrates sales, development, and manufacturing, and aims to expand its share of the global market. “Given present circumstances, demand for the Product is projected to continue rising, and fulfilling this demand with existing facilities alone is likely to become difficult. Thus, TANIOBIS has decided to sharply boost its production capabilities for the Product”, explains Kazuhiko Iida, CEO of TANIOBIS.

As well as augmenting overall production process capabilities for the Product, the facility plan includes construction of a new building for analysis work for strengthening of quality control systems. TANIOBIS will also build new development and trial facilities and strengthen systems to swiftly respond to customer needs.

As an affiliate of JX Nippon Mining & Metals Group, TANIOBIS will continue to contribute to development and innovation in society through stable supply of advanced materials essential to cutting-edge devices.

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