Würth Elektronik Extends its High-Current Inductors Portfolio with New Compact Case Sizes

One of Würth Elektronik’s most important SMT high-current inductor innovations is to expand its WE-HCM series portfolio with 1012, 4030 and 5030 packages. The flat-wire coils with MnZn core are characterized by extremely low resistance, low core losses, and a very high current carrying capacity. With their small footprint, the devices are the first choice of developers and manufacturers for new, more compact device designs.

The WE-HCM1012 high-current inductor takes up just 10×6 mm of space on the board and accommodates its flat-wire coil in a 12 mm high package. The rated current of 84 A and saturation current over 125 A are also high. WE-HCM1012 is available in variants with inductances of 0.07 µH 0.1 µH, 0.12 µH and 0.15 µH.

The two new WE-HCMs in 4030 and 5030 packages are also unusually space-saving in their footprint and height. As they are only 3 mm high, they are suitable for use in convertible notebooks and tablets, for example. Applications include multiphase switching regulators, CPU/RAM power supply, power PC or graphics cards. Their saturation current goes up to 45 A and the rated current is 59 A. All WE-HCM versions are specified for an operating temperature range from ‑40  to +125°C.

The new WE-HCM are now available from stock without a minimum order quantity. Würth Elektronik provides developers free samples on request.

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