Bourns Introduces New LAN Gigabit Ethernet Transformer

Bourns Magnetics Product Line introduces the Model SM91602L LAN Gigabit Ethernet Transformer.

This new single-port Gigabit Ethernet Isolation Transformer includes common mode chokes for noise rejection for Ethernet applications.

The LAN transformer is designed to meet gigabit ethernet communication requirements with reinforced insulation.

The Model SM91602L LAN transformer offers 4680 VDC isolation voltage/500 V working voltage/reinforced insulation and an extended operating temperature range of 0 to +85 °C.

Typical Characteristics

Bourns SM LAN transformer typical characteristics


  • Designed to meet gigabit Ethernet
  • Reinforced insulation per IEC 60664-1 andIEC 62368-1 requirements
  • 500 V working voltage; creepage distance 5 mm min., clearance distance 5 mm min.
  • Expanded temperature range: 0 to +85 °C


  • Industrial 4.0
  • White goods
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