Coilcraft New High-voltage Coupled Inductors

Source: Coilcraft news

Cary, IL, USA – Coilcraft introduced its new LPD8035V Series of miniature, high-voltage 1:1 coupled inductors.

The LPD8035V provides 1500 Vrms, one-minute isolation (hipot) between windings from a package that measures just 7.92 X 6.4 X 3.5 mm, providing users with significant size and cost reductions over conventional bobbin-wound alternatives. It is ideal for Flyback, SEPIC and isolated-Buck converter designs.

The LPD8035V Series is currently offered in six inductance values ranging from 4.7 to 150 µH. It provides peak current ratings up to 2.7 Amps, which represents a 40% increase over previous generation products. It also has a tight coupling coefficient (≥0.97).

LPD8035V coupled inductors are qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 3 standards (-40° to +85°C ambient), making them suitable for automotive and other high-temperature applications. They feature RoHS compliant matte tin over silver-platinum-glass frit terminations and are halogen free.


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