Empower E-CAP Silicon Capacitors vs MLCC

The E-CAP™ silicon capacitor based technology from Empower Semiconductor offers the world’s most compact capacitor solution by combining multiple silicon capacitors into a single device. Artin Der Minassians, Senior Director of Engineering at Empower Semiconductor, Inc. presented “E-CAP™: The Next Frontier in Capacitor Technology” on the Passives & Magnetics-Day at Bodo’s 2022 WBG Event with comparison of E-CAP silicon capacitors vs MLCC capacitors.

This E-CAP technology is ideal for high-frequency bypassing and supporting systems that demand high-efficiency and high-speed operations from the smallest possible footprint.

This presentation discusses the remarkable features of this silicon capacitor based technology such as capacitance density that is over five times superior to the leading MLCC-based solutions, reduced parasitics that results in the lowest impedances for improved power and signal integrity, and its unparalleled thinness that can reach below 50 µm, making it the thinnest capacitor technology available today.

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