Frenetic Factory Offers Custom Magnetics Services

Frenetic is offering online magnetics design platform and manufacturing services. Frenetic online magnetics design software uses data from real world measurements and applying A.I. algorithms to create custom magnetics as quickly as its needed.

Frenetic Factory, a custom magnetics production facility with plants in the USA, Mexico, Europe, India and China delivers samples quickly with no MOQs. It currently has a production capacity of 8.75 million units annually, that can be scaled to higher volumes fast.

“The future of electrification depends on the speed of designing power supplies, and the main problem with custom power supplies is the magnetic components”, says Frenetic CEO and founder Chema Molina

“current methods for designing and manufacturing these components are overly manual, lengthy, and iterative. Our mission is to use our cutting-edge scientific models and expertise to design and build better magnetics.” ads Molina

Frenetic launched its magnetics design service in 2021. Using a simple online process and Core Optimizer  tool to make the core selection process faster and more efficient, users input their electrical and environmental specifications, and receive an optimised transformer design in minutes., thanks to Frenetic’s custom algorithms which are based on decades of magnetics design experience.

The company’s web-based platform allows users to compare millions of different magnetics possibilities within seconds, while maintaining accuracy.

BOMs, 3D models and engineering drawings are automatically generated. Now, users can take that design and have samples and full production quantities made at Frenetic Factory.

Frenetic Factory comprises facilities around the world that are both owned by Frenetic Magnetics or a qualified third party. This is the same operational model as much of the rest of the electronic components industry. Frenetic Factory is fully responsible for the technical support and quality of the components it supplies, no matter which facility they were produced in.

Manufacturing quality and product standards adhered to include MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-981, ESCC 3201 and Qualified Parts, and AEC-Q200.

Core types available include ferrite, powder, amorphous, electrical steel and nanocrystalline; shapes include round, Litz, foil, planar and Cu-stamped.

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