Jianghai Releases New Series of SMD Hybrid Polymer Capacitors

Jianghai releases three new VA, VB and VC series of surface mount hybrid polymer aluminum capacitors.

The RoHS compliant products are available in can sizes DxL = 8×10 and 10×10 (mm) and cover the temperature ranges from –55 ~ +105 °C and –55 ~ +125 °C.

The new capacitor series combine the best of both worlds: the low ESR and high ripple current capability of the polymer capacitors in conjunction with large effective surface area (and thus high capacitance), and low leakage currents of wet e-caps.

Their compact size, the stable capacitance and their great frequency characteristics are complemented by long life times of 4000 h to 5000 h. The capacitors do not require any voltage derating and the liquid electrolyte allows for self-healing during operation, yielding a low short-circuit risk and thus an enhanced

Due to their superior properties, the capacitors are targeted at demanding industrial applications, e.g. motor drives, power inverters, specialty lighting, and PLCs.

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