KYOCERA AVX Releases New Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX, a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future, released two new series of snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors: the SNA Series and SNL Series.

SNA and SNL Series snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors deliver high-reliability, high-voltage, and high-CV performance over long lifetimes.

In addition, both series are lead-free compatible and RoHS compliant, rated for temperatures extending from -25°C to +105°C, and ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications including frequency converters, solar inverters, power inverters, energy storage systems, and power supplies.

“We’re excited to launch our new SNA and SNL Series snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors,” said Mack Cartagena, Staff Research Development Engineer, KYOCERA AVX.

“Both series are well suited for use in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and high-reliability applications and feature fully insulated cases with polarity markings that enable easy snap-in installation as well as safety vents, which provide effective overload protection.”

Lead-time for the new SNA and SNL Series snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors is 20–24 weeks and they are shipped in bulk packaging.

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