Murata Interview on the 5G Big Bang and How it Will Influence the Market

The 5G big bang is coming, this will herald many new applications and pose new challenges to existing devices. In this video from David Kirk – President of Murata Electronics America we explore how 5G will affect industry and how manufacturers will need to prepare.

5G Challenges

The long-awaited 5G rollout is underway. Consumers in more than 20 countries can now access 5G speeds on their smartphones. 
Over the next few years, standardization will pave the way for huge throughput, latency and availability enhancements that promise to unleash the benefits of 5G to many new industries and applications. 

For organizations to achieve the promised commercial success, however, the 5G ecosystem will have to mitigate component-level risks around many issues, including:

5G Market

High performance components for 5G, from infrastructure, through handsets to miniaturized IoT devices will be needed for development of critical hardware in the fields like:

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