Samsung Electro-Mechanics Unveils the World’s First Automotive MLCC in 0402-inch size, X7S, 1uF, 16V

Samsung Electro-Mechanics achieved the highest capacitance of 1μF for automotive MLCCs at rated 16V in 0402 inch (1.0×0.5mm) size, X7S dielectric.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics developed and began mass production of the multilayer ceramic capacitor CL05Y105KO66PN#, which can be widely used for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) applications in vehicles. Samples are now available.

The product maintains the same capacitance as the existing 0603 inch (1.6×0.8mm) size while expanding the rated voltage up to 16V, thus satisfying both voltage stability and miniaturization requirements, making it possible to replace the existing 0603 inch size.

With the increasing sophistication of automotive functionalities, the use of SoCs and SiPs within vehicles is increasing, leading to a continuous demand for the miniaturization of MLCCs and the expansion of their capacitance.

To respond to this technology, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is continuously expanding its lineup of small-sized, high-capacitance MLCCs for automotive applications with unique ceramic & electrode technology and ultra precise lamination methods.

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