Sumida introduces low leakage magnetic flux inductor

source: Sumida news

Sumida has developed low leakage magnetic flux inductor CDMPIH10D48B. The structural design is with less magnetic flux compared with conventional type of closed magnetic structure.

The leakage magnetic flux can be reduced significantly than the monolithic molding type of metallic magnetic material.

The application of CDMPIH10D48B in the DC/DC converter can effectively reduce the flickering and blinking on the liquid crystal display of the television and camera and result in the reduction of radiation noise with fundamental and harmonics frequency. Therefore CDMPIH10D48B is suitable for the power supply application in image processing circuit and graphic circuit. It is in the same shape as CDMPIH10D48, which is already in the market.

The inductance value of CDMPIH10D48B (1mH-1.5mH) is higher than CDMPIH10D48 (43uH-100uH) by modifying a part of the structure design.

Key Features:


Part List:

Part Name Inductance [Within] (μH) ※1 D.C.R. at 20℃ max(typ) (mΩ) Saturation Current at 20℃(A) ※2 Temperature Rise Currrent
(A) ※3
CDMPIH10D48BNP-102MC 1000 ± 20% 3.30 (2.60) 0.50 0.36
 CDMPIH10D48BNP-122MC 1200 ± 20% 4.30 (3.40) 0.46 0.31
 CDMPIH10D48BNP-152MC 1500 ± 20% 5.50 (4.40) 0.42 0.27

※1 Measuring conditions Inductance at 1kHz 1V.
※2 Saturation current: This indicates the value of D.C. current when the inductance becomes 30% lower than its initial value. (Ta=20℃).
※3 Temperature rise current: The actual value of D.C. current when the temperature of coil becomes △T=40℃.(Ta=20℃).


Production Stage:

In mass production

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