Taiwanese Power Inductor Maker Sees Strong LCD Industry Demand Ahead

Taiwan-based power inductor supplier Arlitech Electronic expects its sales to grow steadily in the second half of 2020 thanks to robust demand for power conductors from the LCD industry, according to industry sources.

Sales of power inductors for LCD applications will account for 80% of Arlitech’s total revenues in 2020 as panel makers have been ramping up their output to meet increasing demand for IT panels from notebook and monitor vendors in the wake of pandemic.

The company has reported revenues of NT$91 million (US$3.11 million) for August, down 6.3% but up 20.39% from a year earlier.

The sequential decline was caused by a shortage of LCD driver ICs, which has crippled shipment momentum at panel makers, in turn affecting shipments of other parts and components such as power inductors, said the sources.

Year-to-date revenues totaled NT$690 million, up 15.8% from a year earlier.

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