TDK high-voltage contactors portfolio extended for high current up to 500 A

source: TDK news

TDK Corporation has extended its HVC series of high-voltage contactors with the new HVC300 and HVC500 types with current capabilities of 300 A and 500 A, respectively. The new contactors can switch high voltages of up to 900 V DC, while types for 1200 V DC are available on request.

Their gas-filled switching chamber ensures that arcs are safely and quickly extinguished when the current is switched off. Thanks to the extremely fast switching capability of the HVC high-voltage contactors the duration of arcs is especially short, thus enabling reliable operations over the entire lifetime of the contactor. The new types have the same compact design as the HVC200 for 200 A with the same dimensions of 89 mm x 44 mm x 93.5 mm (l x w x h). Like the HVC200, the new high-voltage contactors are available with coils for operating voltages of 12 V or 24 V. In addition, the series includes types with an output for switching status detection.

The HVC series is especially suitable for use in battery management systems and DC charging stations in e-mobility applications. Further applications include DC traction systems, photovoltaic, energy storage systems, and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS). These applications require fast and reliable disconnecting from the DC source.

Main applications

Main features and benefits

Key data

Ordering code Type Current capability
Operating voltage
Coil voltage
B88269X1000C011 HVC200A-12 200 450 12
B88269X1010C011 HVC200A-24 200 450 24
B88269X1060C011 HVC200A-12S* 200 450 12
B88269X1060C011 HVC200A-24S* 200 450 24
B88269X1090C011 HVC300A-12 300 900 12
B88269X1100C011 HVC300A-24 300 900 24
B88269X1110C011 HVC300A-12S* 300 900 12
B88269X1120C011 HVC300A-24S* 300 900 24
B88269X1170C011 HVC500B-12 500 900 12
B88269X1180C011 HVC500B-24 500 900 24
B88269X1190C011 HVC500B-12S* 500 900 12
B88269X1200C011 HVC500B-24S* 500 900 24

* Including detection of switching status

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