Vishay Releases Licensed IHPT Solenoid-Based Haptic Actuators

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced that it is releasing a new series of IHPT solenoid-based haptic actuators that are bundled with patent licenses for Immersion Corporation’s (NASDAQ: IMMR) haptic technology.

The bundled offering streamlines the design-in process for these devices and eliminates the need for a separate license to implement haptic effects.

Vishay‘s IHPT series haptic actuators utilize compact and cost-effective solenoid technology to provide high force level HD effects with a drive voltage between 8 V and 16 V.

The first device in the series — the IHPT1411 — provides a force level up to 120 N. Dimensions for the IHPT1411 are 35 mm by 35 mm by 16 mm. Additional devices offering a variety of force levels and sizes will be available later in 2023 to cover a wide range of automotive and commercial applications.

Since Vishay’s IHPT actuators operate off commonly available 12 V systems with IC driving circuits, they lower the cost of implementing haptic experiences in a wide range of end products. Applications for the IHPT series include LCD touchscreens, touch panels, buttons, rotary knobs, joysticks, and other human machine interfaces (HMI).

Vishay provides basic guidelines on how to mount and drive the IHPT actuators to create a basic suite of haptic experiences that the user can build on for their specific application. More information is available at

Due to licensing restrictions, IHPT haptic actuators are not available for certain applications, including gaming. More information on use restrictions is available at

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