Panasonic Hybrid Aluminum Capacitors Setting New Standards of Performance and Endurance

Advancing the performance specifications of the popular ZT and ZC series of Aluminum Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid Capacitors, Panasonic Industry introduces the new AEC-Q200 qualified ZTU series, with exceptional reliability and ruggedness for any demanding application.

“The ZTU series of aluminum electrolytic polymer hybrid capacitors is setting new standards with its ripple current and capacitance specs and reliably guarantees circuit safety at one of the highest temperature ranges currently available on the market,” points out Hirofumi Maruyama from Panasonic Industry Europe.

Available with a rated voltage 25V~35VDC / 220 560 µF and a significant increase of 80% in ripple current capability in comparison to the ZC series, the ZTU has been proven for 4000 hours at 125°C & 135°C and thus would be the ideal choice where high temperature tolerance and high current capability is being demanded by the application.

This is highly relevant for a wide range of applications, as Maruyama summarizes: “As well as many others, it reliably qualifies for being applied in DC/DC or AC/DC inverters, robotics, rectifier circuits – and in particular for automotive applications where conditions turn out to be exceptionally severe”.

Speaking of tough: Panasonic Industry also offers a vibration-proof version of ZTU capacitors in both 8mm and 10mm diameter versions.

These are able to handle shocks of up to 30G, while the standard parts also have a vibration tolerance of 10G.


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