Samsung Doubles Capacitance of 1206 X7S 100V Automotive MLCC to 4.7uF

Samsung Electro-Mechanics more than doubles the capacitance of the existing 1206 inch, 100V X7S MLCC automotive capacitors, meeting the demand for miniaturized high-capacitance MLCCs and voltage stability. 

Samsung has developed the CL31Y475KCK6PN# Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) for use in automotive powertrain and safety systems and has started mass production.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is continuously expanding its range of 100V miniaturized high-capacitance MLCCs, which are used in 48V power supply lines, by applying proprietary ceramic dielectric and electrode material refinement and ultra-precise stacking techniques.

These efforts contribute significantly to the reduction of component count and miniaturization of assemblies, thereby optimizing product design. 

Samples are now available.  

SamsungSizeCapacitanceRated VoltageTCC
CL31Y475KCK6PN#1206 inch4.7uF100VX7S

Characteristic data

As automobiles strive to improve both fuel and electrical efficiency, there is a clear trend towards using 48V auxiliary battery systems. This shift has led to an escalating demand for miniaturized, high-capacitance 100V MLCCs used in the power supply lines. 

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is steadily expanding its range of miniaturized high-capacitance 100V MLCCs. These capacitors help reduce the number of MLCC components and facilitate the miniaturization of assemblies, thereby enhancing the optimization of product design.

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