Stackpole Releases Automotive Grade Surge Withstanding Chip Resistor

Stackpole announces its RPCA automotive AEC-Q200 qualified chip resistors that provides exceptional surge withstanding and pulse handling capability.

Many types of electronic products across a variety of market segments require higher reliability components. Automotive grade resistors offer increased reliability and improved performance without the high cost and limited availability of components procured to established reliability military specifications.

For those applications that also require defined pulse withstanding the options become limited.

Stackpole’s RPCA series is AEC-Q200 qualified and provides exceptional pulse handling due to proprietary materials, design, and manufacturing processes. This series is produced on dedicated manufacturing lines with strict material and process controls necessary for an automotive grade chip resistor including 100% automated optical inspection (AOI).

This provides the RPCA with exceptional test performance to all AEC-Q200 tests and improves the expected failure rate by a factor of ten or more. In addition, the RPCA features outstanding anti-sulfur performance, passing the industry standard ANSI/EIA977 sulfur test with minimal resistance shift at 105°C.

The RPCA is an excellent solution for automotive electronics, medical applications, non-established reliability military and aerospace, as well as instrumentation and metering.

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