Paumanok Issues High-Reliability Passive Electronic Components Market Outlook 2023-2028

Paumanok Publications, Inc. has published the market research study entitled “High-Reliability Passive Electronic Components: World Markets, Technologies and Opportunities: 2023-2028”.

The 332-page study contains 88 Tables and Graphs and includes more than 100 companies manufacturing capacitors, resistors and inductors for the high-reliability electronic component supply chain.  This study addresses the narrow global market for capacitors, resistors and inductors sold for value-added and application specific circuits. This narrow end-use market segment includes the highest prices and most profitable segments of the high-tech economy where price and profitability are secondary to technology and quality. 

The study addresses the global high reliability capacitor market and focuses on ceramic, tantalum, aluminum, plastic, carbon, niobium, glass and related leading edge technologies; as well as the high-reliability resistor market, focusing in on tantalum nitride thin film resistors and tin-oxide flameproof resistors; as well as ruthenium chips and SIP networks; carbon and nichrome foil resistors; and for high-reliability inductors the study focuses in on thin film barium strontium titanate inductors, thick film ceramic coils and ferrite beads, cores and wire wound conical inductors.

The study addresses key end-markets requiring high-reliability passive components including Defense, Space and Civil Aviation; Medical Implants, Medical Test & Scan Equipment, Oil & Gas Electronics (Logging Tools and Pumping) and Specialty Industrial, including Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (Plasma Etch) and Laboratory R&D Electronics (Test Equipment).

The study also quantifies the study based upon applications in high voltage circuits (500 VAC and Above), including high voltage capacitors, resistors and inductors; with emphasis upon ceramic MLCC and SLC; polypropylene plastic film, HV-PEN Film; and pulse discharge aluminum electrolytic capacitors; Tin-Oxide, carbon and ruthenium chips and networks; and high voltage ferrites.  The study also addresses high temperature electronics applications for capacitors, resistors and inductors 170 degrees Celsius and above and includes ceramic, PPS film, PTFE and PI technologies; tantalum anode; tantalum nitride resistors; tin-oxide resistors; and high temperature ceramic and ferrite inductors.  The study also addresses capacitors, resistors and inductors for high frequency applications 6GHz and above, and include porcelain ceramic capacitors; tantalum nitride resistors and ceramic chip inductors, wire wound inductors and conical inductors.

The study offers insight to more than 100 manufacturers globally who produce high voltage, high temperature and high frequency passive electronic components for applications in Mil-Spec Defense, Space and Aviation; Medical Technology, Oil and Gas and Specialty Infrastructure Applications. The study has been published and is available for immediate download from the Paumanok website. Published November 30th2022, 332 Pages; 88 Tables and Graphs, Insights Into M&A; more than 100 manufacturers identified and details forecasts to 2028.

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