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Wk 20 Electronics Supply Chain Digest

Electronics Supply Chain Weekly Digest 5-17-24. DATAPOINT OF THE WEEK: Auto inventory at U.S. dealer lots increased 3% M/M in April to 2.84 million units, according…



Skeleton Expands SuperBattery in France

Skeleton Technologies has chosen France and the Occitanie region to expand its SuperBattery hybrid supercapacitor-battery energy storage components. The group…

Capacitor Technology Fundamentals; WE Webinar

In this webinar presentation, Würth Elektronik introduces four fundamental capacitor technologies including ceramic capacitors, aluminum capacitors, film capacitors and supercapacitors,…


Thermal Aging in Molded Inductors

This Wurth Elektronik presentation examines the market trends pushing the limits of electronic components, focusing on the critical phenomenon of…