About Modelithics

Modelithics, Inc. is the industry leader specializing in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave measurements and measurement-based modeling of RF and microwave components and semiconductor devices. Our software products include libraries of high-accuracy passive and active component models. Modelithics leading product offerings include the Modelithics Complete Library ,Modelithics Complete+3D Library , mmWave & 5G Library, and System Components Library™.  In addition, Modelithics offers a broad array of highest quality, RF/microwave/mm-wave Characterization and Modeling services, including Modelithics’ world-class GaN modeling and 3D Electromagnetic modeling capabilities.

Available library models include Microwave Global Models™ for RLC components, non-linear diode models, non-linear and noise models for low, medium, and high-power transistors as well as system level component models for functional blocks like filters, attenuators, switches amplifiers and mixers. Modelithics model libraries load conveniently as “model pallets” or design kits within popular Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools such as Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS), Keysight Technologies’ Genesys, Cadence® AWR Design Environment® ANSYS® HFSS™Sonnet® Suites™Cadence Spectre RFKeysight SystemVue, Cadence® Clarity™ 3D Solver and MathWorks MATLAB®.

Modelithics also offers a broad array of measurement services , including S-parameters, GaN 3D modeling, noise parameters, pulsed IV, high power RF testing, and source/load-pull. We also specialize in extraction of equivalent circuit and 3D Electromagnetic models for linear and non-linear devices that can be inserted into the most popular software tools on the market. Modelithics, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Dr. Lawrence Dunleavy and Dr. Thomas Weller, who are known world-wide for their expertise in microwave circuit design, characterization, modeling and electromagnetics.

Key Products and Services

Modelithics provides top quality simulation models for all types of RF & microwave components and semiconductor devices for use in popular Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools. The library contains a selection of Microwave Global™ models for passives as well as example non-linear diode and transistor models

A multitude of Modelithics Vendor Partners (MVP’s) are actively working with Modelithics to make available high-accuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models and data for free trial or long-term use in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Together we are committed to your rapid design success!

High quality, rapid turn around, RF/microwave characterization and modeling services of transistor, diode, passive and system block components. We also specialize in utilizing precision characterization data to develop equivalent circuit, black-box, and 3D EM models for linear and non-linear devices.

Modelithics offers Test Fixtures and Test Accessory products, including legacy parts from J Micro Technology for a family of thin film Alumina substrate components to adapt the benefits of coplanar waveguide wafer probe test methods to the measurement of devices suited for connection to microstrip circuits.