“EPCI concept is a great idea of ambitious project to build a valuable bridge in the passive components industry that links together manufacturers, testhouses and universities together in a new chain that is benefitial for the end users. We have beeing working together with the EPCI founder Tomas Zednicek on various projects on components testing for more than fifteen years and we values his contribution, technical expertise and contacts in the industry …”

Petr Vasina, Director & Owner of Eggo Space Ltd. Independent Testhouse


“A few comments from a power supply designer. The EPCI seminar could have easily been a lot longer. I’m certain that the lecturer would be able to keep up the interest for a full day. I’ve seen that quite a many designers don’t know the differences between the different capacitor technologies that well and don’t know how to choose the optimal capacitor technology to a given application. So, I would also like to spend next time more on space relevant topics and applications. The presentation gave us a great overview of the available capacitors and made me to investigate some capacitor technologies, which I have not used thus far. Anyways, I did participate a capacitor seminar arranged by a passive manufacturer a few years ago, which was approximately as long as the EPCI seminar was and I must say that the EPCI was much more informative e.g. not so much focused on marketing, but independent technology overview.”

ESA SPCD Symposium Capacitor Seminar Feedback by Jussi Hannula, power supply designer, RUAG Space Finland


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