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Murata is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic components, sensors, batteries, communication components and power supply modules. Since 1944, Murata has contributed to the evolution of the electronics industry with its innovation across a broad spectrum of applications. Today, Murata is a global enterprise with over 100 offices and manufacturing facilities and more than 80,000 employees worldwide

Take a look around you.
There are lots of Murata parts at work.
For example, inside your smartphone, TV, PC and even a car.

Nearly every electronics device has Murata parts inside., Inside the 6G communication devices we’ll be seeing, or in the safe autonomous driving technology, remote medicine, and lots more.

From our everyday lives, to the very near future. We are powering these devices and applications from the inside. And by becoming smaller, they are becoming more eco-friendly.

We believe that the small parts that we manufacture, will contribute to huge advances the world will make. Just as we’ve been doing for nearly eight decades, we at Murata will continue, to evolve further.

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