Global Advanced Metals Commissions New Facility to Serve Growing Demand for 3D Printing of Prototype and Commercial Parts

source: GAM news Waltham, MA and Perth, Australia – DATE – Global Advanced Metals Pty Ltd (GAM), a leading producer of tantalum products, has announced the commissioning of Tekna TEKSPHERO plasma spheroidization equipment at its Boyertown, Pennsylvania, location. The equipment is part of a new process development facility for the manufacture of spherical tantalum and […]

Presidio Components Acquires Wright Capacitors, Inc.

Source: Presidio components news, The evening tribune news January 2018 Presidio Components, Inc., an industry leader in the manufacture of specialty capacitors since 1980, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets of Wright Capacitors, Inc. (WCI). The acquisition includes the purchase of all assets including open purchase orders, as well as a […]

COTS in space: procurement strategy

source: Dan Friedlander at Intelligent Aerospace article The procurement of electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) components phase is common for all applications (commercial, automotive, military, space, etc.). Nevertheless, every application type has its own characteristics.

What is a COTS grade capacitor?

source: Capacitor Faks blog Traditionally, designers of high reliability aerospace and military electronic systems depended on military established reliability (MIL-ER) capacitors because of their quantified reliability and stable construction. The cost of military qualified components is usually high because of the test cycles and qualification processes they go through before they are approved. Global economic […]

Discoidal multilayer ceramic capacitors and planar arrays to suppress EMI

source: Capacitor Faks blog The performance of an electronic system can be significantly degraded by electromagnetic disturbances. This type of performance degradation is referred to as electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI encompasses waveform distortions, unwanted voltage variations, and frequency variations. In electronic circuits, the main sources of electronic noise include regulators, power supplies, integrated circuits, oscillators, […]

Defects in High-Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Found Acoustically

source: Power electronics article Acoustic imaging of high-voltage ceramic chip capacitors performs a non-destructive cross section through the capacitor—or, since the method is non-destructive, as many cross sections as desired. All of the imaging modes have the same purpose: to prevent flawed capacitors from causing field failures.