General Atomics Develops Capacitor Tech for High-Voltage, High-Temperature Operations

source: Executivebiz blog Posted By: Ramona Adamson: January 22, 2018 General Atomics‘ electromagnetic systems business unit has produced a capacitor technology designed to operate at high voltages and temperatures. The company said Wednesday the new capacitor works to support stable operation of power electronics at more than 1000 volts and temperatures as high as 500 degrees Celsius.

Ohmcraft Leaded Resistors Trusted by XRF Spectrometry Manufacturers for More Than 15 Years

source: EIN news ROCHESTER, NY, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2018 / — For more than 15 years, leaders in the manufacturing of X-ray fluorescent (XRF) spectrometry equipment have relied on Ohmcraft’s high voltage leaded resistors for their products. XRF equipment allows for the non-destructive, total analysis of chemical and elemental compounds, and is used to […]

CAP-XX Thinline Supercapacitors Power Vibration Alerts

source: Energy harvesting journal news CAP-XX, developer of supercapacitors that deliver peak power to support or replace batteries, announced that Spire has incorporated CAP-XX Thinline supercapacitors into the new Spire Health Tag to provide the peak power needed for delivering real-time wellness vibration alerts to consumers. Offloading this peak power role to the thin, flat […]

The self-healing characteristics of metallized film capacitors

Source: Capacitor Faks blog Metallized film capacitors are some of the most common capacitors in use in today’s electronic circuits. Power film capacitors are widely used in DC-link circuits, pulsed lasers, X-ray flashes, and phase shifters while low power film capacitors are commonly used for decoupling and filtering applications. The performance characteristics of film capacitors […]