PCNS final programme issued

EPCI, Brno 11.8.2017

September 12-15th 2017 Brno University of Technology BUT will host the first international passive components networking symposium PCNS jointly organised by European Passive Components Institute EPCI and BUT. Final programme is now available at the conference website.

Capacitors, resistors, inductors together with other passive component news and latest development will be presented by industry leading manufactures and universities. The topics include introduction of new automotive components, high-rel applications, embroidered passives or on chip high energy capacitors.

The plenary speech will offer overview of passive components life and DPA failures by Serma Laboratories, followed by automotive sensors development trends by Valeo company. The hot topic panel discussion will follow the ESA SPCD conference topic in October 16: “use of commercial components for space applications”. The keynote speech will be presented by ESA, ASRC (NASA) and Kemet Corporation.

“I think, even in today’s upcoming digital age, it is still very important for people to meet face to face. This is enabling multi-level interactive human communication that may raise new ideas for your own thinking, knowledge growth and innovation. European passive components manufacturing, research and development has a long tradition, PCNS aims to follow it and become a communication platform in the changing environment. There is a growing portion of market that needs flexible, knowledge base manufacturing close to its customers back in Europe (and USA). “said Tomáš Zedníček Ph.D. PCNS general chair and EPCI president.

Capacitor, Resistor and Inductor half day seminars lectured by recognised industry experts are part of the PCNS pre-events. The courses are dedicated to HW engineers, application and component engineers, quality engineers, strategic buyer, distributor FAEs etc.

PCNS, hosted by some European university, is intended to be organised as a bi-annual event complimentary to ESA SPCD symposiums the other year.

See more details at the conference site:  www.passive-components.eu/pcns

programme online: www.passive-components.eu/pcns/symposium/

and the programme download in pdf:
programme at a glance
final programme

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