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About Würth Elektronik

The Würth Elektronik group of companies, with headquarters in Niedernhall (Hohenlohe), Germany, has about 7,300 employees worldwide and generated global sales of € 823 million in 2020.

The Würth Elektronik eiSos product range covers EMC Components, Capacitors, Inductors, RF Inductors and LTCC Components, Transformers, Components for Circuit Protection, Power Modules, LEDs, Connectors, Switches, Power Elements in Press-fit Technology and Assembly Technique.

As one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of passive components, Würth Elektronik eiSos sets itself apart from other component manufacturers in the following ways:

  • All catalogue products are available from stock
  • Free sample service
  • Delivery of samples within 24-48 hrs
  • No MOQ
  • Design support from technical sales force and Field Application Engineers
  • Reference designs with all leading IC manufacturers
  • Design kits with free refills
  • Free technical seminars
  • Software tools for selection of components


In addition to components, Würth Elektronik eiSos also supplies engineers with expertise. The “Trilogy of Magnetics”, “Abc of Capacitors”, “Trilogy of Connectors” and “Simulation in LTspice IV” application manuals provide professionals and other interested parties with a compendium of practice-oriented expertise, which is unique of its kind.

Würth Elektronik eiSos is active with direct sales in 43 countries worldwide. 17 manufacturing facilities located in all important markets worldwide guarantee the rapid delivery of components.

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