Engineers reinvent the inductor after two centuries

source: nanotechweb news Could the inductor be redesigned in a fundamentally new way? Yes, according to new work by researchers in the US, Japan and China who have made the first high-performance inductors from intercalated graphene that work in the 10-50 GHz range thanks to the mechanism of kinetic inductance – rather than magnetic inductance […]

AVX Self-Balancing Supercapacitor Reliability Testing Performance

source: Power systems design news Supercapacitors are increasing in popularity amongst board-level components. In turn, there is now greater demand for supercapacitor reliability testing data, as sub-ppm component failure rates are critical for minimizing and eliminating PCB rework. Author: Eric DeRose, Field Applications Engineer; Bob Knopsnyder, Senior Development Engineer; and Bharat Rawal, Contractor/Retired Manager, BestCap […]

Performance, reliability and limitations of BME technology

source: Capacitor Faks blog Today’s electronic devices are smaller in size and have more functionality compared to their predecessors. They are expected to get even smaller with the current advancements in manufacturing technologies. The trend towards miniaturization of components is mainly accelerated by better understanding of materials and improved processing techniques. Critical applications such as […]

AVX Corporation Announces a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Ethertronics

source: AVX news FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. — AVX Corporation (NYSE: AVX) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ethertronics Inc., a privately held manufacturer of passive and active antenna systems. Ethertronics is a leader in advanced antenna system technology and manufactures antenna products for wireless applications such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, […]

Why and when you need non-magnetic capacitors

Source: Capacitor Faks blog The performance characteristics of capacitors are mainly determined by the materials used to construct them. One of the key characteristics to consider when selecting capacitors for medical applications is the magnetic properties of the materials used.

High Current SMD Power Inductor from Sumida

source: Sumida news Sumida has developed a SMD ferrite-type high current inductor CDB78D78C which can be used with a large current of 125A at maximum (inductance 100 nH). Since CDB78D78C is made with ferrite core, the properties and appearance are relatively stable (e.g. not likely to become rusty).

Vishay Industrial Potentiometer Membrane Displacement Sensors Offer High Durability and Repeatability for Harsh Environments

source: Vishay news MALVERN, Pa. — Dec. 14, 2017 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today introduced new rectilinear and rotational industrial potentiometer membrane displacement sensors designed to deliver reliable performance in harsh environmental conditions. Waterproof and ultraflat, the Vishay MCB UIPMA and UIPMC provide high durability and repeatability for a wide range of applications.