Lessons learnt at ESA from failure with commercial product/process in space applications

source: ESA, EPCI e-Symposium Abstract: The presented presentation slides are prepared based on ESA long term experience with passive components use in space environment. Several failures and investigations during the last years linked with the use of commercial components or commercial manufacturing process are reported. We will share some lesson learn for the use of […]

High Reliable Fuses versus COTS Fuses

source: SCHURTER AG, EPCI e-Symposium Abstract: The aim of this article is to outline the differences between the high reliable ESA ESCC qualified and the Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) fuse variants from SCHURTER AG for space and related applications. In this century, companies from the private sector have been pursuing business for space applications and setting challenging […]

Fuse Protection against thermal runaway

source: Schurter application note A thermal runaway is an increasing threat to electronic devices where more and more power is packed in ever smaller spaces; it is a threat that is poorly dealt with using traditional means. SMD thermal fuses offer a solution that can be reflow-soldered at 260°C and still open at 210°C.

Primary Fuse Protection Against Overvoltage Events

source: Schurter application notes Overvoltages occur during events such as switching operations, electrostatic discharges as well as lightning discharges. Be they direct or indirect, they are introduced by galvanic, inductive or capacitive means to electrical lines, with the potential to create devastating effects.

AEM Compares Auto-Grade Surface-Mount Wire-in-Air Fuse Performance Under Extreme Electric Vehicle Conditions

source: AEM Components news Novi, Mich.—September 12, 2017 — EETech Labs, in cooperation with AEM Components, has produced a video that demonstrates the effect on circuit protection devices when subjected to worst case electric vehicle (EV) battery short circuit conditions. This comparison study highlights the advantages of using AEM (AirMatrix®) wire-in-air fuse versus similarly rated […]