COTS in space: Addressing obsolescence, part I

source: Intelligent aerospace news January 19, 2018 By Dan Friedlander, Retired following 44 years in component engineering A component becomes obsolete when the original component manufacturer stops marketing it. Electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) components obsolescence hits the military, space, and commercial market. In the military, massive EEE components obsolescence occurred due in part to manufacturers’ decisions to […]

Höganäs acquires division of H.C. Starck

source: Höganäs news Höganäs AB has signed an agreement to acquire German H.C. Starck Group’s Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders division, STC. The acquisition is a strategic fit, enabling Höganäs to gain critical mass within surface coating and additive manufacturing.

Murata introduces compact, high-current 0806 size Metal Alloy inductors for automotive

source: Murata news Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has added the 0806-inch size (2.0 × 1.6 mm) DFE201612PD series to its DFE_PD series of Metal Alloy inductors. Suitable for the power supply of automotive information equipment such as infotainment systems, this product conforms to AEC-Q200 and supports a maximum operating temperature of 125°C. It achieves a […]

Engineers reinvent the inductor after two centuries

source: nanotechweb news Could the inductor be redesigned in a fundamentally new way? Yes, according to new work by researchers in the US, Japan and China who have made the first high-performance inductors from intercalated graphene that work in the 10-50 GHz range thanks to the mechanism of kinetic inductance – rather than magnetic inductance […]

Fully digital 3D printing business models turn into reality additive manufactured copper inductors

source: 3D priting progress news The Berlin-based software company trinckle provides design automation for 3D printing – with a focus on product customization. For the PROTIQ Marketplace, the company developed a web-based configurator for inductors that enables customers to configure and order customized copper inductors in a fully digitized process.