Reinventing the inductor

source: article A basic building block of modern technology, inductors are everywhere: cellphones, laptops, radios, televisions, cars. And surprisingly, they are essentially the same today as in 1831, when they were first created by English scientist Michael Faraday.

‘Memtransistor’ brings world closer to brain-like computing

source: news In recent years, researchers have searched for ways to make computers more neuromorphic, or brain-like, in order to perform increasingly complicated tasks with high efficiency. Now Hersam, a Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, and his team are bringing the world closer to […]

Smart Textiles: A Good Fit

source: TTI Market Eye article Wearables have moved beyond smart watches, fitness trackers and monitors that can measure human physiology. Wearable electronics can now merge seamlessly into ordinary clothing, becoming an organic part of what we wear. This new class of wearable electronics is being designed to meet innovative applications in the military, public safety, […]

COTS in space: procurement strategy

source: Dan Friedlander at Intelligent Aerospace article The procurement of electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) components phase is common for all applications (commercial, automotive, military, space, etc.). Nevertheless, every application type has its own characteristics.

Thanks for the Memory: a Deep Look at Memristors

source: NIST news In the race to build a computer that mimics the massive computational power of the human brain, researchers are increasingly turning to memristors, which can vary their electrical resistance based on the memory of past activity. Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have now unveiled the long-mysterious inner […]

COTS in space: Addressing obsolescence, part I

source: Intelligent aerospace news January 19, 2018 By Dan Friedlander, Retired following 44 years in component engineering A component becomes obsolete when the original component manufacturer stops marketing it. Electrical, electronic, and electromechanical (EEE) components obsolescence hits the military, space, and commercial market. In the military, massive EEE components obsolescence occurred due in part to manufacturers’ decisions to […]

Engineers reinvent the inductor after two centuries

source: nanotechweb news Could the inductor be redesigned in a fundamentally new way? Yes, according to new work by researchers in the US, Japan and China who have made the first high-performance inductors from intercalated graphene that work in the 10-50 GHz range thanks to the mechanism of kinetic inductance – rather than magnetic inductance […]