About GAM Global Advanced Metals

GAM, Global Advanced Metals is an international business with operations in Australia, the United States and Japan. Our customers are based primarily in Asia, North America and Europe.

Our vision is to advance our current vertically integrated, conflict-free global business and provide tantalum and niobium solutions for our customers’ needs. GAM will continue to be a leader in safety, health and environment providing high quality products and investing in research and development of new tantalum and niobium products.

GAM produces ultra-pure tantalum powder in a variety of forms providing a broad array of solutions to many markets. Capacitor grade powders in the nodular, flake and angular morphologies, are found in a variety of electronics applications.

GAM Products

the perfect metal for the aerospace, electronics, defense, industrial and medical industries
Tantalum for Semiconductors
tantalum for thin films via physical vapor deposition (PVD)
Tantalum Powder
ultra-pure tantalum capacitor powder
Tantalum & Niobium Metallurgical Products
Tantalum Concentrate
primary feed source to produce tantalum capacitor powders
Tin Smelting

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