CAP-XX Thinline Supercapacitors Power Vibration Alerts

source: Energy harvesting journal news CAP-XX, developer of supercapacitors that deliver peak power to support or replace batteries, announced that Spire has incorporated CAP-XX Thinline supercapacitors into the new Spire Health Tag to provide the peak power needed for delivering real-time wellness vibration alerts to consumers. Offloading this peak power role to the thin, flat […]

Murata introduces its largest capacitance 3-terminal capacitor in the 05035 / 0402 inch size for smartphones

source: Murata news Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced its largest capacitance 3-terminal multilayer ceramic capacitor in the 05035 inch size (1.2mm×0.9mm) and 0402 inch size (1.0mm×0.5mm) for decoupling in smartphones. The 05035 inch size provides 22uF of capacitance while the 0402 inch size provides 14uF, with the power supply line of APU*1 as the […]

Electronic devices that can degrade and physically disappear on demand

source: Techxplore article (Tech Xplore)—A team of researchers from the U.S. and China has demonstrated electronic devices that can degrade and disappear on demand using nothing but moisture in the air. In their paper published on the open access site Science Advances, the team describes their devices and offers ideas on applications that could benefit […]

‘Conflict minerals’ entering tech supply chains from countries beyond Africa

source: mining news The risk of human rights tainted tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold (3TG) entering the supply chains of tech firms is extending well beyond countries considered to be the traditional source of the so called “conflict minerals,” used by armed groups to finance their war against established governments. African countries, particularly the Democratic […]

Critical Resistance Value The Relationship Between Working Voltage and Power

source: ECN article Mon, 06/06/2016 – 2:39pm by Kory Schroeder, Director of Marketing & Product Engineering, Stackpole Electronics With improvements in manufacturing and materials technology, resistor manufacturers have been able to increase the rated power for a given chip size. These higher power resistors can be an effective way to downsize or to add functionality to […]

How to Produce a Notice

Background And Also The Revolution’s Beginning The cities that turned the USA were originally cities of The Uk. From the moment place was taken by the American Innovation, those colonies’ inhabitants were just starting to get fed up with the British concept. Revolt and discontent were wild. For all those people that see-the change inside […]

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Now and then, it becomes an obtrusive believed is simply not attending make you up to concern is addressed. Could it possibly be tremendously that hard to find a person that can assist you develop your five lines? Well over you think that. Rich in scholastic benchmarks, selecting essay making service provider that is going […]