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EPCI Visitors Structure

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Monthly Visitor Rates (3/2021)

  • 40K Visitors
  • 1.8M Google Search Views
  • 35K Google Search Clicks

EPCI Newsletter Subscribers Structure

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EPCI Passives Community Membership

EPCI community membership offers passive components manufacturers, suppliers, distributors etc package of benefits in news sharing, communication, awareness, education such as discounts for Passive Components Blog promotion, PCNS conferences, market reports etc.

EPCI Membership Benefits

  • Passive Components Blog web PR and articles promotion
  • EPCI newsletter sponsor 10% fee discount
  • WHO is WHO database direct web link to the member website
  • Market research reports discount at selected providers*
  • Access to EPCI event calendar to promote member company webinars, events, workshop etc.
  • PCNS symposium 10% fee discount
  • ….. + we are continuously adding more and more benefits

EPCI Members

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  • Fill WHO is WHO Database Entry Form and apply for EPCI Membership to get your benefits !
  • You can pay online by PayPal or bank transfer option

Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsor the latest passive industry news into users mail box !

Newsletter Sponsors Benefits

  • Brand visibility – company logo will be seen regularly by subscribers
  • Newsletter sponsor’s logo displayed at the newsletter header with active link to the sponsor’s website
  • Newsletter sponsor’s logo displayed at the passive-components.eu subscription webpage

Monthly Newsletters

  • All Passive Components
  • Capacitors
  • Inductors
  • Resistors
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Market & Supply Chain

Weekly Newsletter

  • All Passives Weekly

Newsletter Sponsoring Fee

  • Weekly Newsletter
    • 900 EUR for 6 month
    • 1800 EUR for 12 month
  • Monthly Newsletter
    • 450 EUR for 6 month
    • 900 EUR for 12 month

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